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H. Dessault FIN

(Français) Bonjour, nous nous excusons mais la fonction "Ma Dessault" est en maintenance.

H. Dessault fins created in 1973, became LEGEND in the film LE GRAND BLEU

We celebrated the one millionth pair of fins in 2014

The patented mounting system allowing the attachment of an interchangeable blade on a rubber slippers, remains the only used around the world.

The patent fell into the public domain in 1993.

Today, the brand of the “Merou” offers a range of plastic wings of varying colors, and a wide range of sails Carbon tailored to each user.

This year, the fiber is in the spotlight and allows beginners to test themselves on intermediate wings between the plastic and carbon: FIBER GRAND BLEU (NEW 2016)

The feet of our palms are renowned for their strength, excellent support

The long fins must be used with socks or slippers Neoprene thin and flexible and which is fit the thickness depending on the width of the foot

Sizes suitable for smaller feet with slippers suitable for the 38/40 36/37 feet … and going to 48!